3PL for business provides many benefits, including saving you time and money. Keep reading to learn more about the top 10 reasons you should outsource your order processing and warehouse management.

1. Major Time Savings
Put simply, 3PL saves you time because you no longer have to spend hours going through your fulfilment process, ensuring your products are processed and delivered to your customers. Instead, you can focus your energy on managing and growing your business with the peace of mind that the experts at 3PL have your fulfilment under control.

2. Scale Your Business Faster
Another reason you should outsource your fulfilment is that it will allow you to scale your business faster. Sure, you can start by processing orders and managing your warehouse yourself. But, as your business continues to grow, eventually this will become expensive to manage yourself.

PL can help with scaling because productivity is designed to meet the demand. Plus, the process will be cheaper than operating out of your own warehouse.

3. Reduce Your Costs
One of the best benefits of 3PL is that it will help you reduce your overhead costs. Warehousing and logistic costs can add up quickly, and when you manage your own fulfilment you have to pay for everything yourself. This would include a site, machinery, technology, staff, and amenities.

However, outsourcing this process means that you don’t have to pay these overheads because all of it will be covered in the cost of the 3PL provider.

4. Improve Customer Service
While this benefit may not seem so obvious, 3PL for business can actually improve your customer service. Why? Well, you’ll be working with organisations that are dedicated to managing customers and liaising with them about their orders. 3PL providers have processes in place to ensure your customers have a seamless experience!

5. Eliminate The Need To Relocate
A growing pain associated with warehouse management is the need to relocate to a larger space when your fulfilment requirements increase. As you are required to deliver larger quantities of products, you may need a larger storage facility, new logistics software, and other tools to facilitate this growth.

Outsourcing this process eliminates the need for any major changes since your 3PL logistics provider already will have access to a wide variety of different facilities – so you don’t have to move locations.

6. Access Discounted Rates
You can also access discounted rates by outsourcing your order processing. These companies have established business relationships with many suppliers and logistics providers, so they can access better rates and negotiate with a higher volume. This will save you a significant amount of money in the long run!

7. Less Staff Needed
If you outsource your warehouse management, less staff is needed because you don’t need employees to manage the warehouse. This reduces the strain on your human resources and budget, giving you more room to focus on the areas that will directly grow your business.

8. You Still Get to Keep Control of Your Business
A common misconception about outsourcing fulfilment is that you lose control of your business. On the contrary, you have full control over how the 3PL logistics firm manages the daily operations on your behalf.

9. Reduced Health and Safety Regulations
By outsourcing your warehouse management not only do you reduce the staff needed to manage operations, but you also eliminate many of the health and safety regulations that would apply if you were handling fulfilment on your own.

10. Work with Industry Experts
Perhaps the best thing about working with a 3PL provider like Megna Group is that you are getting access to industry experts that can help you take your organisation to the next level. They can ship around the world and handle a large volume of orders, and you can rest assured knowing you have a knowledgeable and experienced team managing things on your behalf.