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Re-imagining Logistics

I’m Lana Kruger, CEO and Founder of the Megna Group of Companies.

I’m so glad you’re here. Why? Because I’d like to introduce you to the Megna Group of Companies, an award winning organisation that is re-imagining the supply chain for brands and e-commerce businesses. We do things in the logistics industry very differently to what you may have seen or experienced before. Let me tell you why and then I’ll tell you how.

The Megna Story

I started in logistics over two decades ago in South Africa and I have since worked in three countries in senior management positions for some of the world’s largest logistics companies. This experience has taught me a lot. It has also provided me with insight into understanding what the industry gaps are and what brands need.

For me, the opportunity was clear – to be an innovative logistics solutions company that was agile, fast-thinking, fast-paced and creative: providing one-stop total solutions for brands in packaging, warehousing, distribution and more. And to always be ahead of the constantly changing needs and demands of e-commerce. I wanted to be a provider who is innovative and streamlines solutions to save my clients’ money and enable trust in Megna – whether you are a start-up or a multinational company. We want to make things easier and simpler!

My business acumen and values ensure that we engender a strong understanding of equality and the consumer psyche – the female shopper. It’s critical in logistics to understand the nuances required in design, branding, packaging and delivery for females and other segmented target markets and we do everything to get this right.

In order to do all the above, I had to think like the end customer and this enabled me to create a customer-centric business. At Megna, we’re all about customer experiences and when that customer opens that parcel delivered on time, in perfect condition and with a sense of joy and WOW, we know we have done our job.

But it is more than that. We have to be timely with everything we do and we have to support our clients with solutions to the full supply chain process which is why we also offer creative design, printing and packaging services, and project management.

Innovation and passion

In a nutshell, we’re committed to delivering an innovative logistics service and by doing so we know we can make a difference to our clients’ businesses. Everything we do at Megna is driven by our passion to serve and change the way brands view and experience all things logistics. We consider ourselves very approachable and partner-focused, so, what are you waiting for? Let me show you the Megna difference and re-imagine your supply chain today.


We understand excellence and what it takes to truly differentiate your brand. Elevate your business through accessing our expertise, technology, people, and solutions. Our e-commerce freight & 3PL services are designed to add value to your bottom line whilst simplifying your life & delighting your clients no matter where in the world they are.


‘Lana and the team at Megna really understand what is means to be a solutions based provider. I know the moment I ask the Megna team for assistance, the request is handled effectively, on time and where possible within budget. I am really proud to be part of their journey and cannot wait to see how where they will be 10 years from now’.

‘Megna & ghd ANZ have been working together for around June 2018 now which started off re-designing our cartons & packaging. We now have assigned the Megna team with QC, logistics & our POS printing and collation. We now have an unwritten rule in the office where if anything seems even remotely impossible, we say ‘just call Lana’. The team at Megna seem to be able to orchestrate things even international prime logistics partners couldn’t dream of. We love supporting a young, fresh business that just makes things happen with no fuss whilst we are busy running our own’.