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Packaging Done Properly Standard and Premium.

Ready to change the way you do packaging? Megna handles all your packaging requirements, offering standard and premium packaging options. Branded or unbranded, printed or plain, the choice is up to you.

We can even work with you to design custom packaging to develop a complete customer experience. Talk to a member of our team today for more information.

Enhance the eCommerce Experience

With the lack of a physical presence, an e-commerce store’s only opportunity to interact with customers directly is through your product’s packaging. It’s not an opportunity you want to miss, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on your customers and get them wanting more.

Megna can help you build your brand image through packaging and fulfilment. Our premium packaging design goes beyond luxury materials and clean typefaces, delivering a complete e-commerce product experience delivered straight to your customer’s door.

We can also help you create unique ‘limited-time’ packaging experiences for special events, promotions, and more. Discuss your needs with our team and we’ll work with you to design and produce custom packaging for your products.

Basic Packaging

Our basic packaging provides a baseline level of protection for shipping, balancing cost with quality. While they are basic, we can customise the size, shape, and labelling to suit your needs. Easily add your branding to the cartons or print directly on them to help your customers easily identify where the package has come from.

Durable brown shipping boxes or cartons

Easily add branding through printing or labels
Can be customised completely to suit your needs

Premium Packaging

Where our basic packages are focused on cost-effectiveness, premium takes everything to the next level. We work with you to craft a complete customer experience. Get custom cartons/boxes and add additional value, such as personalised thank you cards, tissue paper wrapping for products, novelty stickers or ‘purchase gifts’ and more.
Premium packaging for high-value products
Design, manufacturing, and packing
Add stickers, custom messaging, product wrapping etc.

Re-Imagining Packaging and Logistics

Megna was created to make logistics for e-commerce simple. With comprehensive end-to-end solutions for shipping, packing, and fulfilment, we provide businesses with the services and support they need to streamline logistics. We take care of the complete process, ensuring you can focus on growing your business.

Join Megna for 3PL distribution, warehousing, fulfilment and we can include custom packaging as part of your service. A project manager will work directly with you to create a branding and packaging experience for your customers, ensuring your products reach them in the best possible form.
No more worrying about packages arriving in poor condition, or not arriving at all. Combining our logistics management with custom packaging ensures your customers receive their orders every time.

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