Does Packaging Really Matter?

Does packaging really matter? For the consumer, the unboxing is just as important as the product inside which is why your packaging matters.

Read on to discover why packaging is part of the brand experience that can keep your customers coming back.

First Impressions Count

What does your current packaging say about you and your business? If you think customers don’t really care, you’re mistaken.

Of those who actually admit it, 42% of shoppers consider the overall design when forming their opinion of a brand and 52% won’t go back to a brand if they don’t like the look of their packaging.

You can bet the real figures are higher.

When you buy someone a birthday present do you shove it in a plastic bag or do you wrap it up in pretty paper? Why is that?

It’s because it shows you care, that you’re marking a special occasion and you want the recipient to have an exciting experience when they open it.

Your packing is the first tactile experience your customer will have with your brand, so it’s essential that their impression really represents you.

Get Personal!

When customers spend their money with you, they want to know they’re valued. There are several ways to add a personal touch that lets the customer know they’re more than just a number to you.

Tissue paper in your brand colours, a thank you note or a pretty ribbon makes your parcels unmistakable yours and unboxing as special as Christmas day.

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Stand Out From Your Competitors

Unboxing videos are huge on social media. Take a moment to picture your and your competitor’s packaging side-by-side. Which would you be excited to open?

If it’s not yours then it’s time to get creative about your brand and place your self in you’re consumer’s shoes.

Customers can be fickle and yet it’s been reported that 50% of customers would recommend a company that uses gift-like packaging and 63% of consumers have bought a product a second time because of the packaging’s appearance. Remember, you really only get one chance to make a first impression…are you making your’s count?

Deliver An Experience

Now more than ever people value an experience. For example, people eating out don’t just pick any old restaurant, they will find one that has taken the time to design itself around its brand. For those that offer family dining, they will brand themselves with wide tables with plenty of seating. For those more intimate restaurants, they will brand themselves with a cosy decor and warm atmosphere.

Honestly, it’s really no different to how consumers pick the brand they want to be loyal to, even when it comes to products.

Two identical products, one delivered in undistinguishable cardboard, the other delivered in a stylish box with a ribbon around it. It doesn’t matter that the products are exactly the same in quality because research shows 58% of consumers will judge each business by how the product is packaged.

When they receive your goods, do they perceive you as stylish and trustworthy or plain and cheap? Packaging, for all intents and purposes, really does matter!

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