Freighting & Logistics – We Can Remove The Headache Of

As shoppers become climatised to e-commerce efficiency, the gap is quickly closing on those who are not streamlining their freighting and logistics. Even in times of global political unrest and viral pandemics we have seen first-hand customers’ expectations of timeliness and quality rarely falter. This article discusses the advantages of a 3PL Brisbane provider, taking on your domestic and international freighting & logistics requirements, leaving you to run your business from the front end and your customers happy; just as you would like.

Megna Group are specialists in e-commerce freight. Our industry knowledge, network and technology are vast and efficient, and we understand supply chains can be a tricky complex business. In the era of COVID-19 the supply chain has seen unprecedented challenges, and for the foreseeable future businesses know that at any time they may be facing more challenges and delays in the chain. The advantage of 3PL Brisbane is our understanding and fast adaption to logistics challenges both globally and domestically. We have adopted innovative technology and believe our strategic robust solutions produce the best outcome and the least stress for you and your customers.

Domestic Freighting

Choosing Megna Group 3PL Brisbane for your domestic freight, regardless of the size of your business instantly opens you up to all our carriers. Relying solely on one carrier for your business is risky and can end up costing you a lot more, which is why having the advantage of our large network of carriers can put your mind at ease knowing your deliveries will be taken care of at a more cost-efficient way.

You will also gain access to our shipping software which offers:
• Automated shipping from shopping cart – calculating cheapest carrier and instantly prints lables
• Integrates with 25 of the largest shopping cart platforms including Shopify and Woo
• Shows carrier and rates from cheapest to most expensive and allows you to pick
• Automatically prints courier label
• Automatic courier notifications – do not need to be calling up couriers
• Auto corrects address discrepancies made by customers
• Alerts your customer to shipping delays

Additionally, we will take care of all courier-related communications, so you will never be chasing up parcels again; and regardless of how many carriers you opt to use each month, you will only receive 1 itemised invoice from us. Order fulfilment has never been so simple or stress-free, which is exactly why we are here.

International Air And Sea Freight

If you are requiring international sea or air freight you may know getting quotes, organising containers, dealing with delays and all the paperwork that is required from customs adds up to quite a huge task. Megna 3PL Brisbane can handle every single aspect of your international freighting & logistics journey with service so streamlined, all you need to do is tell us what you need sending, where and when and we will take care the rest. Forget about container loads, tracking, collection, and delivery – it’s all done, and you’ll be informed every step of the way.

Similarly, with your international parcel needs, our service is designed to let us take care of it all for you. We can provide you with access to some of the world’s largest service providers and using our innovative ‘least cost calculator’, you are able to access all the information you need at the touch of a button so you can stress less on orders and continue to build your brand.

Megna Groups 3PL Brisbane and order fulfilment services, freighting & logistics. empower you to make informed decisions, access leading technology and software and feel truly at ease knowing the logistics that come with the running of your business are what we specialise in. If there is anything we love more than offering our customer-centric world-class service, it is seeing your business thrive; and we would love to be a part of your success story.

If you think Megna Group 3PL Brisbane can help take on your business’s freighting and logistics, call us today and have a chat with one of our friendly staff. Let’s get there together.