Get Instant Results From Digital Signage

Wondering if you can get instant results from digital signage? Well, you absolutely can!

Digital signage can replace your printed materials and do much more to advertise your business than you’re doing right now. Plus, they’re not just for high-end brands either. More and more ordinary businesses have switched to digital signage. Here’s why you should make the move too!

Change Your Message Instantly

There’s no re-printing hassle with digital signage. They’re simple to update so you can react to changes right when they happen:

● If you’ve had an over-delivery or need to clear stock to make room for a new line, just update your digital signage with your incredible new offers.
● If your business adapts to seasonal changes, just update your digital sign instead of reprinting new flyers.
● Push your best sellers with instant deals or offer a flash sale.
● Create a personalised customer experience by reflecting local and national events that link with your business!

With digital signs, if you have a great marketing idea, you can try it immediately. If it doesn’t work the way you imagined, then you haven’t wasted your printing budget or hours of planning. Digital signs are adaptable!

Grab Your Customer’s Attention

Did you know that digital signs get an estimated 400% more views than static signs and 80% of businesses using them say their sales increased by up to 33%?


You get instant results from digital signage because 8 out of 10 of customers came into the store when a digital sign caught their attention.

What would a 33% increase in business mean to you?

The simple fact is that digital signs are more interactive than static signs because they grab attention in a way no poster can.

Think about the digital signs you’ve seen and how they instantly grabbed and held your attention. Unless you went to the expensive trouble of making a TV advert, there’s no better way to get someone’s undivided attention or to get your message across.

Build Brand Awareness

The beauty of digital signs is that you can send out multiple messages about your business and continually build on your brand awareness.

Your business does more than one thing at a time so why shouldn’t your signage?

Your business is more than bricks and mortar or a service, it’s about the staff, the ethos and the passion and there’s no way better to get instant results than from a digital sign.

The opportunities to communicate directly with your customers are almost limitless with digital signs because they’re genuinely a multimedia resource.

Plus, if you have more than one location, you can have your digital signs linked to display the same messages at the same time, no matter the location. This gives you the chance to really spread the word about your latest offers and deals.

Who Doesn’t Like To Save Money?

How much of your profits are ploughed back into marketing overheads?

We’ve already talked about how you can get instant results from digital signage, but what if you could cut down your marketing budget too?

For example, if prices or regulations change, you’d normally have to reprint these details, however with digital signage, you only have to update the sign via an app. It’s true, once you’ve purchased your digital signage it will replace most of the information you currently print.

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