Did you know digital signage genuinely boosts sales by re-enforcing brand awareness and conveying information about brands and products for thousands of businesses around the country? Why? Well, digital displays get 400% more views than static displays plus, 80% of brands experienced an increase of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage, and 8 out of 10 customers entered a store because of a sign catching their attention. If you’re not using digital signage in your business yet, then you’re missing out on sales, building a loyal customer base and getting your brand message to your target audience effectively.

At Megna Creative, we are the exclusive distribution partners of cybercast, a cloud-based digital signage solution that is revolutionising digital marketing and business communications throughout Australia. What sets digital cloud-based signage apart from the competition is that it enables businesses to broadcast and update content in real-time and remotely across these stores or operations all via the web or a smart app. This gives you complete control allowing you to instantly launch multiple promotions and communicate with your audience via the simple touch of a button.

Cybercast is a completely scalable and cost-effective solution. It’s innovative yet super easy to manage and extremely dependable. Cybercast can power the digital communication needs of small businesses through to large organisations and corporations. And drives sales engagement and effective communication all whilst reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

At Megna Creative we take care of everything from signage design through to installation at your stores and offices helping your brand standout and get instantly noticed.

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