Ahh…This Is The Fun Stuff!

When you have a project so dauntingly critical that have you don’t even know where to start, that’s where Megna Projects save the day.

  • Quality Control Compliance Checks
    Launch stock rework (damaged packaging, barcodes, gift pack assembly) Custom merchandise for events / campaigns / promotions

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Now Let’s Talk All Things Retail

E-Commerce, B2B, Drop Shipping. You have no idea where to start???

We love working with start ups or companies that have grown bigger than their wildest dreams. We understand your pain – we were there not so long ago.
For anything, whether that’s your 3PL has bottlenecked your business or a logistics provider has not delivered on their promise for an event and the stock is still in another state 4 hours before the event.

This is my direct number, Lana Kruger 0422 518 288
Give me a call – no matter how bad it may seem, my promise to you is:

“If there is a solution, Megna will find it & execute it.” 
kitting - box on demand

What Makes Us Different In This Space?

Here at Megna, we believe nothing is impossible and this is where Lana has structured the business to be able to react and perform like no other. Our combined experience and knowledge both in the logistics and creative worlds, alongside Lana’s extensive network at executive level in our industry, we are able to pull off what would be called ‘the impossible’ by others.

We have even done projects so big we have had to temporarily employ over 30 people just to get the job done in 24 hours…