Efficient warehouse management and order processing are the foundation for a successful business. Read on to discover the 5 biggest reasons to outsource your logistics!

1. Cost Savings
Managing expenses and reducing costs are one of the top priorities for business owners – and outsourcing your logistics processing can help you do just that!
3PL providers have special relationships with freight companies that allow them to negotiate pricing on your behalf. While you might be forced to pay a certain rate as an individual shipper, a 3PL provider can access volume and order frequency discounts, to help you reduce the cost of your shipping.
Customers can often be turned off by high shipping rates however if you can pass on these savings to them, you can also increase your revenue and order volume. Plus, you can take these savings and invest in other areas of your business to help it grow.
Another area that 3PLs help you save money in is warehousing. Having your own space to store inventory and materials can be expensive and you will have to create and implement a system to keep track of everything.
At Megna Group, we take care of all of this for you. As a result, you can optimise your inventory levels while reducing your spending on storing raw materials or finished goods.

2. Improve the Customer Experience
Having a positive customer experience is central to boosting brand loyalty. In today’s e-commerce environment, customers want their orders shipped as soon as possible. They are eager to get your products and often choose where to buy based on the speed of delivery.
A 3PL provider allows you to provide fast shipping regardless of where the order is going. Their wide distribution networks reduce packing and shipping times so that your customers will have the best experience possible. At Mega Group, we will pick, pack and dispatch each order for B2C, B2B and wholesalers plus, we’ll even add your branding in the form of thank you notes or ribbons, to give your orders that personal touch!

3. Scalability
When you start your business, you might be able to get by, packing your orders yourself and keeping your inventory in your garage. However, as your order volume grows and you need to scale up, this will become a problem quickly!
Outsourcing your logistics lets you manage fluctuating demand throughout the year with ease – and ensures that you can meet all of the orders that are coming in. A 3PL provider can offer you the flexibility to upscale your business, as you need which will allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

4. Try Out New Markets
Testing out a new market can be exciting for your business, and a 3PL provider can help you do this without making any major investments in warehousing or staff. Plus, a 3PL provider like Mega has access to 3PL sites right across Australia allowing you to access your customers wherever they might be.
If you want to spread your reach internationally, then a 3PL provider is a great resource because they have expertise in dealing with international shipping, customs and any duties.

5. Spread Out Your Risk
Shipping delays can happen outside of your control, however; outsourcing your logistics can mitigate that risk. A 3PL provider has extensive freight and shipping knowledge and will be able to make alternate arrangements to deliver your orders with ease.
They can also protect you if your products are lost or damaged, ensuring that you are not left with 100% of the risk as a business owner.

There you have it, the 5 biggest reasons to outsource your logistics to a company like Megna Group. We’re located in Brisbane but have global solutions available too. We provide our customer with access to the best software, integrations, and carriers to allow your business to continue to grow. We even offer a white-glove service, which caters to businesses wanting to boost brand awareness.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by outsourcing your 3PL, then contact the friendly team at Megna Group today.