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Megna Group is Re-imagining Logistics

Megna is committed to changing the way e-commerce businesses think about logistics. We live and breathe shipping, using our passion for packing to elevate brands to new highs and deliver an incredible delivery experience for people across the country. And since our launch in 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of Australian e-commerce businesses do exactly that.

When we noticed online businesses struggling to get their products to their customers, we turned to them, bringing more than 20 years of logistics experience with us. We quickly adapted our services to fit e-commerce, empowering Australian businesses to streamline their complete logistics processes. Now Megna leads the space, delivering innovative fulfilment solutions and services to streamline packaging, labelling, fulfilment and everything in between.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours build better brands, create customer experiences, and put their products in the hands of people across the globe. And with tailored ‘white-glove’ solutions we continue to disrupt and transform the way logistics is approached in e-commerce. But above all, we’re supporting business owners as they grow their business far beyond what they thought possible.

Our Mission

Megna was founded to simplify logistics for e-commerce, changing the way businesses think about logistics and helping them grow strong brands.

Our Philosophy

Megna delivers complete logistics solutions with no compromises. Our services deliver the results you need to build your business.

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