Why Use Megna For Your Domestic 3PL Order Fulfilment

You’ve done it. That seedling of an idea that you have been nurturing in your mind for years has finally – with all your dedication, drive and hard work – become a reality! You are now a fully-fledged business owner with a product you want to share with the world! You are so proud of yourself, and we are too!

The excitement of your first order is palpable and as more orders trickle in thereafter, you delight in picking, packing and posting off your product with anticipation and a decent portion of nerves. You lie in bed most nights wondering if you packed the order correctly, did you remember to add the thank you note, or if the meticulously tied ribbon was fastened on enough? But, as the dust settles and (thankfully) your business grows some legs, moving from a fast walk to a run, suddenly your days are inundated with orders left right and centre. You have packing material, thank you cards and sticky tape flowing out from your office and making itself welcome in parts of your home where it is not so welcome. You are suddenly falling behind in your email replies, social media, books, and you are not even sure what your family look like anymore.

You know it, and we know it. It is time to outsource to a 3PL! So why choose Megna 3PL Brisbane for your order fulfilment? We’re glad you asked!
Outsourcing your order fulfillment to Megna 3PL Brisbane means you can place more focus on continuing to grow your business without being stunted by order fulfilment and packaging. We can store, pick, pack and dispatch your business’s orders on a pay-as-you-use system, where no orders mean no charges.
We can offer you 24/7 web access to our warehouse management software, so you are able to check on your orders, stock levels and purchasing trends to make any adjustments if needed. And when an order is received, we take it a step further and add personal touches that support your brand uniqueness, as you would have done before outsourcing. Ribbons, thank you cards, sample gifts, tissue paper, you name it; we ensure when you outsource with Megna 3PL Brisbane, the only thing you lose is the endless rolls of packing tape and address labels from your dining table, not the unique personal touches that got you here.

Additionally, any order that is received before 12pm will be processed the same day and our 3PL is in multiple locations over the country meaning your product gets to your customer faster and you pay local freighting costs only.

In a fast-paced, demand-driven consumer environment, there is little patience for long wait times in order fulfilment and freighting. We know all you want is for your customer to open a beautifully packed parcel, on time, in perfect condition, creating a positive and memorable experience that will lead them back to you time and time again. We know this because we want this too.

You can be sure that outsourcing with Megna 3PL Brisbane, your freighting and logistics are all we care about. We are passionate and committed to re-imagining the world of logistics by providing solutions that are simple, innovative, and dynamic regardless of whether you are a start-up or a global dominant! With our customer-centric approach and vast knowledge of the Australian e-commerce fulfilment and freighting markets, we can provide you with the solutions, software and carriers to make your order fulfilment an absolute breeze, but most importantly: place you above the rest.

Call us today about your business logistic needs and let Magna 3PL Brisbane take on your order fulfilment and freighting needs, so the only thing you need to fulfil is your customer’s satisfaction.